Take a good look at your front doors. Could they use a little work? Everyone wants their home to seem welcoming and it’s hard to create this feeling with raggedy old doors. Dress them up with a few simple options to put a smile on your home’s face.

1) Decide on a design. Whether you want to exaggerate the traditional aspects of your home, modernize the entrance or brighten up a doorway with a color scheme, dressing up your doors will go smoothest if you know what you want. What are you trying to achieve by making your door curb eye candy? Drive by other homes for some inspiration.

2) Consider your options. Do you really need a new door? According to Lowes.com, “a weathered and worn door can compromise your family’s safety and security,” but obtaining and installing a new one can be a fairly simple process. However, replacing exterior doors can also be costly in time and money, so it’s prudent to make sure yours don’t just need hardware, re-hanging or a makeover in order to be functional enough to reuse. Dressing up your door is easy once it’s in place, so how do you know whether to refurbish or replace?

3) Refurbish. If the door is intact without rust, cracks or damage, reinventing it is by far the more affordable and less time-consuming option. Many times, a door may appear warped or ill fitting, but the actual culprit is a quick fix. For example, a rotting doorjamb may need to be refreshed or the door’s hardware may need to be tweaked so the door swings or hangs correctly. Instead of buying a new door to reduce energy bills, add a properly-fitted weather strip at a fraction of the cost. Superficial damage such as uneven surfaces or blemishes can be sanded, buffed, finished or concealed easily when you spruce up the door.

4) Replace. Lowes.com advises that if your door is “worn, damaged or ready for an upgrade”, it’s time to buy a new one. Choose from endless options for the quickest door facelift. Consider what will hold up well in Philadelphia’s climate.

5) Do your homework. After removing your old door, carefully measure it. Will you need a custom size? Take stock of the tools and labor you have at hand and decide if you need to involve a professional for installation. For do-it-yourselfers, the simplest installation is with a pre-hung door.

6) Know your options. Consider your most desired qualities and do your research beforehand. Keep in mind materials, energy-efficiency, maintenance, style and additional options such as windows, sidelights and transoms, which is a window above the door.

The following local businesses may be able to help you get started.

Guida Door & Window
2106 S 63rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19142
(215) 495-0131

Find all of the doors you need at Guida Door & Window. The options are endless so you should have no problem finding the door that works best for your home.

Kessler Supply
1204 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 763-3600

If all of your doors need is a new coat of paint, stop in at Kessler Supply to browse an array of colors.

Quaker Window
1300 S 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 467-7373

Quaker Windows has extensive styles of doors that you can either purchase or use for ideas when renovating your own. Check out its hardware section as well for a great doorknob selection.

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Lindsay Lewis is a freelance writer living in Philadelphia. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.

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