By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There is no secret formula to determine who is a jerk, and who is not. No metric system for jerkiness, no “jerkometer” filled with mercury. Mike Freeman of CBS Sports however, has used his personal calculations to figure out who the biggest jerks in the NFL are, and one of our own tops the list.

No. 1: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick: This question was put to Twitter: does Vick deserve to be forgiven for what were atrocities against defenseless animals? Hundreds of responses came in and it was overwhelming there are still a great many people who haven’t forgiven Vick for actions of his own making.

But that is the question: When is Vick allowed to move on? When is that threshold from criminal to forgiven criminal crossed? To some, it already has. But to many, like me, though it’s clear that Vick has changed, the crime was so disgraceful, more time is still needed to make sure the change I’ve seen in him is not an act but permanent. There’s almost a simple formula here to follow. The worse the crime, the more time it takes for the re-evaluation.

This is an arrogant approach for me and others, particularly since everyone judging Vick has made their own errors. But there are mistakes and then there are mistakes. For Vick, it will still take more time.

Seems like the sort of question he asked via Twitter about Vick is the sort of question that will bring out the most negative responses.

DeSean Jackson was on the list as well, coming in at #6.


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