By Tony Hanson, Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Jury deliberations resumed Friday morning — the 13th day of deliberations in the clergy sexual abuse case. But is the effort futile after the jury reported being deadlocked on Wednesday? The jury had a day off Thursday because of a scheduling issue.

The jury deliberated about three to four hours on Wednesday, after the judge told jurors to keep trying after the jurors had reported they were deadlocked on four of the five counts against defendants Monsignor William Lynn and Father James Brennan.

Lynn, a church supervisor, is charged with endangering children by covering up complaints against priests and failing to remove suspect priests from ministry.

Brennan is charged with sexually assaulting a teen.

The judge offered help, including the opportunity to review trial evidence. That’s too much help according to defense attorney William J. Brennan who suggested Judge Teresa Sarmina had inserted herself as the 13th juror and sought a mistrial. It was denied.