BELLEFONTE, Pa. (CBS) – Jury deliberations are now underway in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case.

On Thursday, the judge sequestered the jury and issued an order prohibiting members of the media from reporting the verdict until after the court has been adjourned.

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According to the order, if any member of media reports the verdict through before the court is adjourned, it will be considered a violation and the reporter, as well as the media outlet they work for, could face sanctions.

As noted in the order, “The time that court is adjourned will be noted in the record. Any report or broadcast of the jury’s verdict posted or broadcast before the noted time will be deemed to have been made in violation of this order and may result in sanctions against both the reporter and the media outlet which broadcasts or otherwise distributes information.”

The court will not be adjourned until a verdict for each count is read and recorded, the jurors are excused and the attorney motions are addressed.

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In addition, no individual is permitted to leave the courtroom until the court is adjourned.

A sheriff will be present and has been authorized by the judge to enforce the regulations, including making sure signals are not relayed through the courtroom window to anyone outside that could violate the judge’s order.

On Friday, the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) sent a letter to the judge in the Sandusky case asking him to lift the order he issued Thursday. The letter states, in part, that the RTDNA believes that the order “violates the First Amendment protections of the media and will seriously interfere with journalists’ ability to report the news without sufficient legal justification.”

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