By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Phillies star is among the athletes speaking out against dating violence and domestic abuse in a new public service announcement put out by the White House.

When sports heroes like Jimmy Rollins speak out…

(Rollins: ) “No woman should have to fear abuse.  No man should hit a woman for any reason.”

…Vice President Joe Biden wants men and boys to listen up:

(Biden:)  “If you strike a woman, you’re not a man, you’re a coward.”

Rollins joins Evan Longoria, Jeremy Lin, Eli Manning, David Beckham, Joe Torre, and ESPN’s Andy Katz, along with VP Biden and Pres. Obama on the PSA, which will play on TV sports channels.

(Pres. Obama and montage: ) “Listen up guys, listen up: no one should ever hit a woman. Not their wife, not their girlfriend, not their date.”

Rollins is part of the federal “1is2many” campaign, which finds that young women still face the highest rates of dating violence.

(David Beckham:)  “It’s up to each of us.”