By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The jury in the clergy sexual abuse case will return Wednesday for a 12th day of deliberations, now one of the longest deliberations in recent Philadelphia criminal history.

A quick survey of several veteran attorneys, along with my own recollection of over three decades covering the courts, didn’t turn up anything close to 12 days of deliberations in the city courts, although it must be noted this jury has worked a couple of shortened days because of scheduling conflicts and jurors arriving late.

It was a relatively long trial, over two months, with thousands of pages of documents introduced along with live testimony. But there are a total of just five counts against the two defendants.

Monsignor William Lynn is charged with endangering the welfare of children by failing to remove from ministry priests suspected of previous sexual or other inappropriate conduct with minors.

Father James Brennan allegedly sexually assaulted a teen. Lynn and Brennan have pleaded not guilty.