By Tim Jimenez

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – The legal fight between Northamptown Township and American Tower Corporation over the installation of 25-foot cell towers went back to court yesterday in Bucks County. But the battle is less heated and they’re trying to come up with a solution outside the courtroom.

After the township pulled ATC’s work permit last month, a long legal fight was expected. But there was a bit of a pause yesterday in Doylestown. A judge issued a stay of proceedings; all sides have until August 31st to come up with a solution.

Attorney David Truelove, represents a group of citizens, who formed a non-profit to raise money for a lawyer of their own.

“The residents would be happy with the result in terms of placement of the poles that are at issue, ATC will have a system working and Northampton will also be pleased with the result, if we can achieve that. But that’s the goal.”

He says residents are glad they now have a seat at the negotiating table.

“They should be applauded for their efforts in getting it to this point. They were insistent earlier in making sure the township held ATC’s feet to the fire and they did.”

He says ATC crews may be out in neighborhoods, but only to study what can be done with poles already installed.

More meetings between the sides are set for the next few weeks. A mediator could get involved if necessary.

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