By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Don’t touch it – that’s poison ivy – a plant most of us find very irritating.

Native to our area, poison ivy thrives in our yards, and birds spread it by eating its berries, and depositing the seeds all around. The resin in poison ivy is the plant’s natural defense against fungus, but most of us are allergic to it and get a nasty rash.

It’s hard to get rid of poison ivy because you don’t want to touch it – and most landscapers don’t want to either. But, around here, there’s a ‘poison ivy horticulturalist’ you can hire to remove it from your yard. He knows precisely how the plant grows, and that helps him get to the root of your poison ivy problem and literally dig it out – often removing hundreds of pounds of plant and roots!

There’s a fee for this specialty service, but to clear your yard so kids can play and you can plant, can save you lots of scratching and worry as well as money on doctor’s bills, potions and lotions.
Here’s a link to help you identify poison ivy and learn more about the ‘I don’t want poison ivy’ guy.

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