By Robin Rieger

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DOYLESTOWN, Pa (CBS) – Forty-two-year-old Richard Klementovich, a Clifton, N. J. police officer and Gulf War veteran, is charged with multiple counts of attempted criminal homicide following a daylong standoff on Sunday at his estranged wife’s home on Bittersweet Drive in Doylestown Township.

Police say they counted over 118 shots fired from the home into three responding police vehicles and one neighbor’s car on the street. It all started with a 911 call that police say Klementovich made from the home where he was alone.

“He called and requested an officer out there for a civil dispute,” said acting Police Chief Dean Logan.

The first officer responding found a note on the driveway that indicated Klementovich had 2000 rounds of ammunition and that he was a police officer. Gunfire erupted after the officer backed his car away.

“I first thought it was fireworks,” said neighbor Lisa Gervais. She also explained that police called and told her to stay in her home with the windows and blinds closed.

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Others who had been out on Father’s Day could not return to their neighborhood until early Monday morning. This was hours after police say Klementovich surrendered through a second story window, helped in part by Clifton, N. J. police.

Behind the Klementovich home are flattened trees and torn up lawns leftover from the armored vehicles that surrounded the home. The State Police Bomb Squad, county SWAT team and surrounding police departments all responded.

The Klementovich couple, who have two children, are in the middle of a divorce that was filed last October. Police responded to a domestic call here last November. No action was taken, but Clifton police were notified.

No motive was given for Sunday’s incident, but police say Klementovich was prepared for a fight.

“He had high-powered assault rifles. He was dressed in tactical equipment,” said chief Logan.

A Doylestown Borough officer was treated for injuries from concrete kicked by a bullet.

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