By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some clothing manufacturers claim that have created clothing that will help with aches and pains.

Office manager Nicole Klein spends eight to ten hours a day sitting at her desk.

“I’ve always had bad posture but it’s made it worse,” said Nicole.

By the time Nicole gets home she says her lower back, neck, and shoulders are in pain.

“I think it’s due to so many hours hunched over,” said Nicole. She is among millions of people suffering with pain, related to poor posture.

“As we get older and exercise less the muscles get weaker and gravity tends to pull us forward, this can lead to long standing neck and back pain,” said Dr. Peter McCann, an Orthopedic Surgeon.

But now, several clothing manufactures claim they can help ease these aches and pains with something called therapeutic clothing.

The maker of one shirt says polyester bands are strategically placed to gently pull the shoulders back helping to realign the spine to a normal posture.

“Patients in certain studies have shown less fatigue, less pain at the end of the day,” said Dr. McCann. But he says while these shirts can be helpful the results are only temporary.

“To rely on the shirt rather than exercises and getting your muscles stronger, I think will lead to failure,” said Dr. McCann. He says exercising the back and shoulders can help improve posture and relieve pain.

Nicole says the therapeutic clothing might be a good way to get started.

“It’s worth a try,” said Nicole.

The therapeutic shirts come in styles for both men and women. Costs start around one hundred dollars.

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Stephanie Stahl