By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Families flocked to the Philadelphia Zoo Sunday. And fathers at the zoo talked about what Father’s Day means to them.

“It’s turned me into a more family-oriented, responsible person. And just the simple things in life make me happy now, which is seeing my son, and seeing him smile and laugh and learn new things — that’s the greatest part about being a father.”

Michael’s been a dad for 15 months. Has it changed his how he sees his own dad?

“Oh, absolutely, I’m much closer to my father now. It just brings the family together.”

Nick, who has three kids, finds he understands his dad a lot more

“A lot of the things that I questioned when I was little, I find myself doing the exact same thing and handling it in the exact same way.”

And how’s fatherhood changed him?

“I’m a lot calmer now than I used to be. I can pretty much handle anything that comes my way.”

Father's Day

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