By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s a sad fact that, as Father’s Day approaches, a lot of men see their kids at arm’s length, due to divorce.

Divorce lawyer and fathers’ rights advocate Jeffery Leving says straight away that couples should save any marriage that can be saved. He’s written books about the legal landscape of divorce but with “How To Be a Good Divorced Dad” he’s dealing more with the intangibles like those precious days or hours with the kids.

“All time should be quality time, but a father should focus on what’s really best for the children and not necessarily accept being kicked out of his children’s lives. But, unfortunately, a lot of fathers are brainwashed to believe that maybe one weekend a month is fine.”

Leving is not calling for getting angry or getting even but an appreciation of the Dad’s true continuing interest in his children.

Father's Day

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