By Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — About a half-dozen Philadelphia police officers will test some new technology during July 4th week, as part of a pilot program.

During the city’s Fourth of July celebrations, a handful of police officers will have miniature cameras attached to their glasses, hat, or collar.

“It could accurately record everything that’s going on,” says Commissioner Charles Ramsey, “so if there is a complaint that takes place later on, obviously now you have a video record.   With our wiretap laws, however, it can not have any audio.”

Ramsey says other police departments are using the technology, marketed by Taser Corp., and he calls it the wave of the future.

“But I don’t know all the ramifications.  I don’t know all the policy changes that need to go in place.  How long do you store the video?  Where do you store the video?  Does it have to be on during an entire tour, or only when you have contact with an individual?”

And given the cost — about $1,000 per unit — it’s not something the department can more fully implement at this time, he added.