By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – The state House has recessed for the week without a much-anticipated vote on privatizing the sale of wine and liquor in Pennsylvania.

The House adjourned Monday night after debating Majority Leader Mike Turzai’s proposal for about three hours but never returned to the issue on Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s a temporary reprieve for Wendell Young, a state store workers’ union leader.

“I am not declaring victory, no way. This is not over. It’s not over until the bill is dead and it’s far from dead as long as Mike Turzai wants to keep pushing it. As long as he keeps scheduling it.”

Indeed, while the push for privatizing liquor sales may have stalled, Turzai pledges the fight will continue.

“Working with the governor, trying to build consensus and we’ll know next week whether we have the votes finally or not,” Turzai said.

So you didn’t have them this week?

“Um – we’re working hard building consensus and we’ll know next week.”

But while on one hand he says he wants to build consensus, Turzai also says it comes down to whether members are for or against privatization.

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