By Michelle Durham

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Recently released CDC statistics indicate more teens are considering committing suicide. One local expert believes it could be tied to cyber-bullying plus the additional pressures of today’s fast paced life.

School Psychologist Dr. Terri Erbacher with the Delaware County Intermediate Unit and Clinical Assistant Professor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine says the data doesn’t indicate why, but she says parents need to be aware of the warning signs of suicide.

“A student starting to do not as well in school. Any changes in behavior, changes in eating and sleeping. They used to go out socially on the weekends but now they are isolating. Anxiety pessimism hopelessness, that they are a burden.”

What can parents do? You want to give teens autonomy, but…

“I would say the most important part is having conversations. Every child is different in terms of the level of autonomy. The conversations are so important, not being afraid to bring it up. If a child sees a concern about another tween or teen. That’s where we need to train our children too because kids talk to kids way more than they talk to you or I.”