By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The jury in the clergy abuse case is not sitting today because of scheduling issues, but they’ll return to work tomorrow for an 8th day of deliberations and facing unanswered questions. The long trial and deliberations have nerves frayed and tensions are running high.

Monsignor William Lynn, charged with endangering children, and Father James Brennan, charged with sexually assaulting a child, have pleaded NOT guilty. 8 days into deliberations, after a continuing series of questions, requests for documents, and re-reading of testimony, the jury now wants to hear days worth of testimony again.

The judge has indicated she is not inclined to do that when the jury returns tomorrow. During heated arguments about what should go out to the jury and sharp, sometimes bitter exchanges between the defense and prosecuting attorneys. Defense attorney William J Brennan expressed his, and clearly others’ frustration, arguing jurors should rely on their memories and do their job.