By Michelle Durham

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Burn Foundation, based in Philadelphia, is about to launch a large scald-prevention campaign called “If There’s a Kid Use A Lid.” They’re spreading the message that some of the things you least suspect can cause a major burn in a child.

“The National Scald Prevention Campaign is an attempt to raise people’s awareness about scalds and how serious a burn a scald can be,” says Scott Cohen, director of Prevention Education. “A scald for people who don’t know is a burn that is caused by liquid or steam.”

Cohen says scald is the most common burn injury in kids under age 5.

“Sometimes when we are very busy we’ll be out having coffee or tea and we’ll put them on the back of a stroller. Or we’ll be in the car with the child next to us or behind us in the car seat and we drop the liquid and it causes a very very serious burn.”

He says a child’s skin is thinner, so a burn to a child is going to be much more serious for them “and all you have to do is turn your head for a second.”

Cohen advises if there is a kid, use a lid.

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Michelle Durham