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By Michelle Durham

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many ‘tweens are using name brand fragrant deodorant sprays these days. But, one local expert says these sprays should be used with caution, as they are volatile and flammable.

“Like hairspray and other products, if a child uses them around a candle or any kind of ignition source, they can be easily inflamed and cause a burn,” says Scott Cohen, director of Prevention Education with the Philadelphia based Burn Foundation.

The same holds true for being near a barbecue grill after spraying the substance on their skin, “because the products contain alcohol, just like a bunsen burner. They can just go up.”

Listen to Michelle Durham’s interview with Scott Cohen in this CBS Philly podcast:

That’s not the only danger.

“Kids will do what we call stupid kid tricks, where they’ll do something to impress their friends and put it on YouTube. Just look on the Internet and you can see numerous examples of kids setting themselves on fire, sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidentally. The real problem here is that kids are not really well educated on how quickly fire spreads, how dangerous it can be and that they really can’t control it.”

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