By Melony Roy

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Nearly half a million people with Facebook accounts passed away last year. Have you thought about what you want for your social media accounts post-mortem?

Planning for the care of your digital property is a little different than planning for money and physical objects.

“It’s helpful to keep a record of your various accounts,” said Delaware county Estate planning attorney Stephen Asbel. “So that whoever is the executor can access those, but you do not actually need to put them into a will that going be filed in the court.”

Facebook allows relatives to close an account or turn it into a memorial page.

Gmail (run by Google) will provide copies of e-mails to an executor.

Apple treats a download that you purchase as a license to listen to the music, therefore it is only valid for you and ends when you die.

Twitter will work with an executor or a verified immediate family member to have an account deactivated but will not provide login information to anyone regardless of the relationship to the deceased.