By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Jonathan Papelbon was frustrated after last night’s Phillies 4-3 loss to the Dodgers. In the clubhouse, he let off some steam with reporters when he talked about his displeasure with the umpires.

Papelbon may end up attributing the comments to his alter-ego, Cinco Ocho. Papelbon and Ocho will have to discuss amongst themselves who will pay the possible fine from MLB.

“You know you [the umpire] messed that call up. And then I guess he was motioning for Charlie. ‘I just want to ask you a question. I want to ask you a question,'” Papelbon said he told the umpire.

“The other umpire came over and said you know, ‘what are you doing’ or whatever. And I said I want to ask him a question. He wouldn’t even let me ask him a question,” he said.

A reporter than asked Papelbon what question he wanted to ask. “I wanted to know if he could throw me out for what I was thinking,” Papelbon said.

A reporter followed up, and asked Papelbon what he was thinking. “I thought he was terrible. All day, not just that pitch. All day. I wanted to know if he could throw me out for what I was thinking. And if he could, I don’t know, I thought he sucked. It’s that simple,” Papelbon said.

Papelbon was then informed by a member of the media that the umpire was a “Triple A guy.” “Doesn’t surprise me. Doesn’t surprise me,” Papelbon said. “Probably needs to go back to Triple A. And that’s not a knock on him, that’s not a knock on the umpires. You know, you’re up in the big leagues for a reason. You know to do a good job. And when you don’t do a good job, you should be demoted or fired. It’s just like anybody’s job. It’s just like y’all’s [reporters} job, it’s just like my job. If I  don’t do my job I go down to Triple A, you know. It’s just, there’s no room for that up here. And like I said, it’s not a knock on the umpires, it’s the integrity of the game. You want to go out there and be able to play the game the way it should be played. That’s it.”

You can see the video of Papelbon speaking after the game at this location.

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