By Anne-Marie Green

STRATFORD, NJ (CBS) — It’s finally prom night for a Stratford, Camden County teenager battling leukemia. Kevin McGuire made national headlines after asking singer Taylor Swift to the prom.

Tux? Check. Complimentary limo? Check. Beautiful date? But that’s not Taylor Swift!

So who is that girl moving in on Taylor’s action?

Kevin says she’s a good friend, “and right when I got sick, she helped me out a lot.”

“It’s really special to be going to the prom with a person like Kevin. I feel honored,” date Meghin Kelly says.

Meghin and Kevin have known each other since second grade, before his first leukemia diagnosis at 13. At one point, neither of them was sure he would make it to the prom.

“It feels great, considering last time I got dressed up to go somewhere it didn’t go as planned,” Kevin says.

The last time he was fitted for a tux, he was supposed to have country music star Taylor Swift on his arm. We first met Kevin when his sister started an online campaign asking the singer to be her brother’s prom date, but Swift offered something else.

“I was wondering–the ACM’s are coming up, and I’d like you to be my date.”

Kevin got the news while he was undergoing treatment at CHOP, but when the time came, he was just too sick to travel.

But what he received next was better than anything any celebrity could give him. His 11-year-old brother turned out to be a perfect bone marrow match. In a few weeks, they’ll undergo the transplant.

“My sister really helped him out a lot by getting him Taylor Swift, and it just felt really good that I can do almost the same thing…the same joy,” says Michael McGuire, Kevin’s brother. “He’s a trooper. We’ll go to war together and come out smiling.”

It will be a battle they will be fighting for most of the summer, so in the next three weeks, Kevin is trying to have as much fun as he can.

This weekend, he celebrates both his prom and his 19th birthday, and though he never got a chance to walk down the red carpet in Las Vegas, it’s pretty clear who his friends and family think is the real super star.

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