By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Michael Vick wasn’t a perfect quarterback in real life for the Atlanta Falcons, but he was as close to perfect as you could get in the Madden Football video game.  The real-life Vick is still pretty proud of the video game Vick.

“At that point I felt like I accomplished a lot in life,” Vick said about appearing on the game’s cover. “That was one of the best games ever.” Vick spoke to 94WIP’s Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow about the game on the 24th anniversary of its first edition. “Ever since I broke the game, it’s been cool, I’ve done enough [as far as the video game is concerned]. There’s never been a guy who’s had as many attributes as I had, who could do as much as I could, but me. So that’s something I’ll never forget … it was exciting. I was probably one of the first people in the stores to buy the game.” Vick did mention his attribute scores over the last two years have been a little low for his liking.

“I remember when I started playing it, I had John Madden ’91 and ’92. The distinctions between Madden and Tecmo Bowl were out of this world,” Vick said. The game’s first edition was released in 1988 for personal computers, then saw its popularity skyrocket with the game’s release on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo game systems. “When I was a kid, I remember, John Madden ’93 you could go back and play with the old school teams. The ’83 Redskins, the ’72 Dolphins. 49ers were my favorite team growing up, so I always played with the 49ers.”

Vick and his teammates still play Madden, and the Eagles have some guys who are tough to beat. “DeSean [Jackson] is a good Madden player, LeSean [McCoy] is a good Madden player. [Jeremy] Maclin is pretty good.” Some aren’t quite as skilled. ” Alex Henery, our kicker, he has no game. Absolutely no game. We put him on the game one time and he got beat like 72-3.”


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