By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Most common question asked of a lawyer (other than, why are you a jerk?): how do I get out of a speeding ticket?

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A physics professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, fought a $400 traffic ticket by proving, through linear and angular motion, how what the officer who ticketed him saw would be easily confused by the angle of speed of this hypothetical object that failed to stop at the stop sign.

Obviously. See? You weren’t speeding, just bad at science.

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So if you’re not a physicist, what’s the best way for you to get out of ticket?

First rule of physics (and law): Don’t speed. But if you do, ALWAYS remain polite when speaking to the guy with the handcuffs on his belt. Flipping him off, not taken so well. If you intend to fight the ticket, plead not guilty within the time specified on the ticket.

On the day of the hearing, arrive early and try to talk to the officer ahead of time to try to negotiate with him before the hearing to see if he is willing to lower the charge for a lesser fee or no points—depending on how much over the speed limit you were going, a court may be willing to lower or eliminate the points on your license so long as you agree to pay the fine.

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Next time, watch your velocity.