By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Monsignor William Lynn, charged with endangering children by protecting suspected predator priests, is expected back on the witness stand for a third day, today, when the clergy sexual abuse case continues.

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Monsignor William Lynn has conceded inaction. He acknowledged that not once did he call police about sexual abuse allegations and even admissions by priests, even when the priests remained in ministry. But he has clearly placed blame on the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua.

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Lynn has told the jury he did not have the training or experience for the job. And during grueling cross-examination, Monsignor Lynn also admitted mistakes, and his testimony has been rife with inconsistencies.

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For example, he says he had authority to remove priests from ministry if they admitted abuse. He says the Cardinal dictated priests should be removed if they were diagnosed pedophiles, but the prosecutor has cited case after case in which priests in both categories remained in ministry while Lynn was Secretary for Clergy. That includes one priest, Father Edward Avery, whom Lynn had found guilty of sexual abuse of minors. Avery remained in ministry and later sexually assaulted another teen.