By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Preparations have been underway all over the region leading up to Memorial Day events. One man’s family business has been helping others honor those who have passed away for 140 years.

Using a sand blaster at the Korean War Memorial in Society Hill, Joseph Hagan III of Hagan Stone Cutting Memorial Lettering was adding a name to an area at the memorial designated for the soldiers who lost their lives fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan from the Philadelphia five-county area.

Joeseph Hagan III of Hagan Stone Cutting Memorial Lettering adds a name to the Korean War Memorial at 2nd and Dock Streets. (Credit: John McDevitt)

“I going to be adding John F. Kihm who died on the 19th of April 2011.”

All in preparation for the Memorial Day service at the Korean War Memorial.

“The names of each individual kind of speak to us. We try to do (it) as reverently as we can we try to remember each man and woman because they served our country well.”

The names of Korean War veterans who recently  passed away were also being added on the black granite ground near the Korean War Memorial, which marks it’s 10th anniversary next month.

The Memorial Day service at 2nd and Dock Streets was scheduled for 11 a.m.