By David Madden

SEA ISLE CITY, NJ (CBS) – If you have ever been to Atlantic City, you have probably seen jitneys running through the town. Starting this weekend, some of those mini-busses will be headed south on the Parkway to Sea Isle City.

Not for service between the two cities. No, Sea Isle will have about a dozen jitneys making runs on Landis Avenue from 1st to 93rd Street for a $2 fare.

Chris Glancey, President of the Sea Isle City Chamber of Commerce, figures this will ease summer traffic congestion.

“You never have to wait more than 5 minutes on Landis Avenue for the next jitney to come along and pick you up. And that’s the biggest thing. If we can make it convenient, if we can make it inexpensive, people will use it.”

About 6,000 people used them during a test run during Sea Isle’s Polar Bear Plunge in February. Runs start at 3 each afternoon till 3 the next morning on weekends only until June 22nd and then daily through the Labor Day weekend.

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