By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A monsignor called in defense of defendant monsignor William Lynn in the clergy abuse case is grilled by the prosecutor, who suggested through questioning the witness is lying to help a friend.

Monsignor James Beisel has testified he helped defendant Monsignor William Lynn compile the now infamous list of admitted and alleged predator priests which was later allegedly destroyed by others.

But he acknowledged he was woefully unprepared for the job of dealing with clergy sex abuse, and the prosecutor noted it was his friend, Monsignor Lynn who recruited him for that job.

Later prosecutor Patrick Blessington, seemingly incredulous, asked Monsignor Beisel if he was having memory problems, trying to help a friend, when he said he could not recall if he ever saw the typewritten version of the list which included diagnosed pedophiles and priests found guilty of misconduct with minors, some of whom were still in ministry.

Monsignor Beisel responded he is trying to help get to the truth.