By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dish Network is out with a new feature for its DVR that makes it simple to skip all the commercials. ‘The Hopper’ has TV networks hopping mad.

You don’t have to set the Auto Hop; it automatically records every prime-time show, every night on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox.

Watch within eight days, and — with the touch of a button — zap all the ads.

“Dish’s Hopper lets you skip commercials automatically, so you don’t have to watch us anymore.”

Dish says the networks should thank them for helping put eyes on more of their shows.

But with no fast forward for even a fleeting glimpse at the spots that help pay for what we watch, the networks are seething — and could sue — like they did a decade ago with another DVR to stop a similar feature.

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