By Kate Bilo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was a gorgeous weekend for most of us (especially those away from the coast), but we are now paying our dues as a week of unsettled weather sets up across the Delaware Valley.

The sun has gone on vacation and now we’re dealing with a stubborn, slow-moving storm just off the east coast coupled with a meandering frontal boundary that is in no hurry to go anywhere.

On Tuesday, we’ll see the front arrive, bringing lots of cloud cover and the threat for showers anytime, but especially in the afternoon. With the coastal system still just sitting in place, we’ll have a lot of moisture to work with and any shower or thunderstorm could be locally drenching.

The weather across the region is set up in what we call a blocking pattern — a high to the east just isn’t allowing anything to clear out quickly, so we’ll have that front over us for a few days.

I do think we’ll start to see more sunshine through the end of the week, but I’ve kept the chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm in the forecast every day through the work week.

And then, of course, focus shifts to the Memorial Day weekend. As of now, there are two scenarios – one is that the extreme heat over the Ohio Valley spreads into our area and we keep it hot (mid-to-upper 80’s at least) through the duration of the weekend. However, it’s now looking more likely that Saturday will be the hottest day, and then we’ll have to deal with some sort of frontal passage over the weekend which could bring the chance of a thunderstorm and some slight cooling for Sunday and Monday. The weekend currently looks pretty good either way – highs in the 80’s, a good deal of sunshine, and only the off chance for a couple of thunderstorms.

We’ll keep you posted as we get closer!

One note on Alberto: thanks to the trough advancing into the eastern half of the country, Alberto will be steered northward parallel to the coastline but far enough away to miss us with any impacts. There is the slight chance that Alberto could swing back toward New England, but even so, it would miss us to the North and that scenario is less than likely.

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