By Jericka Duncan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police say they have a person of interest in connection to a deadly shooting in Frankford that claimed the life of Edwin Pagan. Homicide Capt. James Clark says they have not made any arrests.

Victor Guzman said Sunday night, he risked his own life to save his stepson, 25-year-old Edwin Pagan.

Pagan was shot several times outside his parents Adams Avenue home around 10 p.m. His family says an argument over a cigarette is what led to the deadly shooting (see related story).

“Killed my son for a cigarette,” said Pagan’s mother Migdalia. “You can buy yourself a gun. You can buy yourself a car, make all this noise around town, but you can’t buy yourself a pack of cigarettes?”

“Right now we have information that the son got into a verbal confrontation with a male on the block. This escalated into gunfire,” said Capt. James Clark.

Guzman was hit in the left arm. His thick wallet, where he kept his ID as a corrections officer, stopped another bullet from doing more damage, according to Guzman’s sister Jolie Torres.

“This might have saved his life, because the bullet got lodged in the wallet,” said Torres.

The thought of losing two lives is overwhelming. The reality of losing one, unbearable.

“He had a life,” said the victim’s mother. “He had a wife, and kids.”

Pagan leaves behind a 5-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy.