By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia teachers say they’ve been left out of the School Reform Commission’s overhaul plan.

“I would like to urge you to fix what the district has, not try to recreate the wheel,” said Hillary Linardopoulos, a third grade teacher at Julia DeBurgos Elementary in West Kensington.

She told the School Reform Commission last week that the plan to downsize the central office and run schools through so-called “achievement networks” depends too much on charters, and was drawn up without input from teachers.

“It feels that we have been largely left out of the planning phases of much of what transpires in the district. Yet, we are the ones in the schools day in and day out.”

Commissioner Wendell Pritchett asked how the SRC could better interact with teachers. Linardopoulos said she’s available before, after, and even during school.

“I would welcome focus groups and real dialogue between teachers, central office staff and the SRC, so that we can help minimize this disconnect that is so profoundly affecting teacher morale.”