5:40 Mayor Michael Nutter announced his plan to keep teen violence and mischief to a minimum this summer.

5:46 New Jersey Chris Christie shot a video spoof with Newark Mayor Corey Booker.

5:56 The Sixers were blown out by the Celtics 107-91 in the 3rd game of their playoff series.

rajon rondo Stigall Show Log 5.17.12

Rajon Rondo (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

5:57 The Phillies won their fourth game in a row in Chicago over the Cubs.

5:59 Coffee may now help you live longer.

6:12 Polls in Wisconsin are a warning sign for President Obama.

6:40 Chris talks to Michael Klein of the Philadelphia Inquirer about tax fraud at Nifty Fifty’s.

6:56 “Black Madam” has been held over for trial in the case of injecting silicone into women.

7:13 Dennis Miller has some suggestions to help Mitt Romney’s campaign.

7:29 A comparison between Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey and Governor Jerry Brown in California.

7:42 Chris talks to Gordon Mack, a contestant in Major League Baseball’s Fan Cave Contest.

8:10 Chris talks to former Pro-Wrestler Mick Foley about his upcoming stand-up comedy show at Antony and Cleopatra’s Caterers in Williamstown, NJ.

mick foley Stigall Show Log 5.17.12

Mick Foley (Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage for LIONSGATE)

8:47 A USDA report shows that, per calorie, healthy food is cheaper than junk food.

8:48 96% of chain restaurant meals exceed USDA limits.

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