5:40 Hunter Pence hit two homeruns yesterday, including on in the bottom of the 1oth, to beat the Astros 4-3.

Hunter Pence (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

5:45 It’s sweeps week and local stations are doing everything they can to get you to tune in.

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5:58 Democrats are planning a stunt to boost Super PAC fundraising.

6:10 Despite Newsweek’s most recent cover, there probably have already been gay presidents.

6:42 President Obama’s campaign team is claiming a poll on gay marriage is biased.

6:48 There is concern in the Obama campaign that they may lose to Mitt Romney.

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6:56 The President was on The View yesterday talking about pop culture stories.

7:10 Chris talks to Buzz Bissinger about his book Father’s Day and gets his take on the current state of sports.

7:40 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Ben Simoneau about the Pennsylvania LCB stores losing tax payer money and giving away free liquor.

7:55 Councilman Bill Green opposes the latest tax proposal by Mayor Michael Nutter.

8:00 One suggestion to help pay for city schools is to tax non-profits.

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8:10 Chris talks to the Philly Post’s Tom McGrath about Jay-Z’s Labor Day concert on the Ben Franklin Parkway and the President’s appearance yesterday on The View.