By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the prosecution winding down in the clergy abuse case, a last segment of testimony by defendant William Lynn before a grand jury back in 2004 was presented Wednesday.

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Lynn has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and endangering children by allowing predator priests to remain in ministry.

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Monsignor William Lynn, Secretary for Clergy from 1992 to 2004, acknowledged before the grand jury that, in hindsight, he did not have the training, background and experience he should have for that job. But he told the jury he still did an adequate job. He also explained his methods–he says an admission by a priest or a diagnosis of pedophilia or ephebophilia, a sexual attraction to adolescents, would result in removal from ministry even though a number of cases cited during this trial did not. He also told the jury that on instruction from Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, he ignored any anonymous or secondhand allegations and indicated that on more than one occasion, the priest’s reputation was a significant concern.

After nearly eight full weeks of trial, the prosecution is expected to rest tomorrow, and the defense will begin next Tuesday.

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