By Lesley Van Arsdall

PHILADLEPHIA (CBS) — I somehow knew despite leading for almost three quarters, the Sixers were not going to win Game 1 against the Celtics.

The reason is simple.

The young Sixers made mistakes and the veteran Celtics did not.

Even down the stretch, the Sixers had a 10 point lead, but just stumbled. What is most upsetting? You don’t get a lot of opportunities like this and I feel they gave this one away.

To win Game 1 in Boston would have been HUGE.

The fact Boston went small threw the Sixers. It resulted in very few minutes for Elton Brand. Brand isn’t the answer, but who is? Thad Young?

The Celtics missed a lot of shots in Game 1 and still won. I doubt they will miss that many again. I just hope the Sixers are ready. The thing they did Friday was create doubt. Maybe the underdog Sixers can win this thing, they sure came close.