By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “Kindergarten preparation for each Detroit tot means $100,000 savings for Michigan,” the title of an article in the Detroit Free Press by Chastity Pratt Dawson, makes clear the importance of early childhood education.

Detroit’s One-Child School Readiness Dividend study, just released, concludes that children, particularly those from low income households, who attend preschool are less likely to later depend on taxpayer-funded services.

They are less likely to repeat grades, have fewer behavior problems, require less special education, graduate from high school at a higher rate and have lower incarceration rates as juveniles and adults.

As adults they are more likely to be employed, earn more money and therefore pay higher taxes.
Findings corroborate the most well-known research in this field, the High-Scope Perry Preschool study, which followed a group from 3 to 41 years old, starting in 1962, showing that a high quality early childhood program yielded benefits of $105,324 per participant. That’s $16 for every dollar invested.

A great return!

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