By Mike DeNardo and Oren Liebermann

HADDON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — Raymond Fussell thought he would never have to put any more money into his 25-year-old car, but now the Ford Escort needs a new paint job.

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“This to me, looking at my car, is a hate crime,” said Fussell.

The side and hood of Fussell’s car had racial slurs in black spray paint. Fussell is a descendant of
Joshua Saddler, the runaway slave who founded this historically black neighborhood in the 1800’s.

“I went to bed in Haddon Township and looks like I woke up in Mississippi,” Fussell said.

The vandals hit another car in the same church parking lot Saturday night and kept going. Racial epithets and curses were all over the side of a water treatment shed nearby and spray painted on the street.

Haddon Township Police Chief Mark Cavallo says right now, police have no suspects. And he says there is no history of racial vandalism in this small community.

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“This is not reflective of the people of Haddon Township or the people of Saddlertown — it really isn’t.
It’s out of the ordinary, and we’re appalled by it,” said Chief Cavallo.

The vandals also sprayed a racial slur on Joan McCarthy’s house and stole a few belongings from her unlocked car.

“I had a couple things missing and I noticed the console in between the seats was black from their hands.
They had black spray paint on their hands,” McCarthys said.

“Unfortunately, this is beyond stupid,” said Carl Wydra, who lives near the vandalism. “This is too much.”

Wydra says the vandals cut through his backyard Saturday night. He says he chased three teens off his property, but did not get a good look at them.

“I jumped out of bed and ran out the door and shouted at them ‘What are you doing?’ and I heard ‘Run, run, run!’ and they shot through the yards,” said Wydra.

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Police are continuing their investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 856-854-1176.