By Stephanie Stahl

By Stephanie Stahl

— From 145 down to 115 pounds — Kathy O’Brien’s weight loss has her trading out some of her old camouflage outfits, things she used to wear to cover up. The 50-year-old, mother of three, isn’t covering up anymore.

“I was up to about a size 12 and now I’m a size two,” said O’Brien. She credits the weight loss that took about a year to her half sister Kathy Freston, who has a new book called “The Lean.”

“The lean is all about leaning in to changes. Gradually adding in really healthy habits without overwhelming yourself,” said Freston.

The best selling wellness expert has a 30 day plan that incorporates a new step each day, starting with some diet basics. Day one, drink lots of water. Day two, eat a hearty breakfast. Day three, eat an apple.

“By making gradual little changes, and you realize that it’s not that difficult and you don’t feel deprived,” said Freston. She calls it crowding out. Adding one new habit a day, you end up with 30 diet and lifestyle changes, things like discovering flax or sipping a smoothie.

“That crowds out the old habit, so you no longer have the space in your day or space in your belly,” said Freston.

“I’m still eating delicious, and I’m able to finally be the size that I wanted to be my whole life,” said O’Brien.

The Bucks County Kathy says the California Kathy’s lean weight loss plan has taught her the importance of plant based eating.

“I don’t use milk. I use almond milk,” said O’Brien. In addition to giving up dairy, Kathy also drinks lots of tea and gets creative with tofu and salads. That now has her happy to model her new tight, trendy clothes.

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