By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Oops – what did you plant there? Without a plant tag, it’s hard to be sure. And while it’s fun to be surprised to see what comes up each year, if you lose track, you can end up planting things too close together and overcrowding your garden, or pulling plants out by mistake while you’re weeding or raking leaves. But lots of gardeners don’t like seeing those plastic tags that come with plants out in their garden, and that’s why pretty, long-lasting plant tags are a great idea.

Last year I got two kinds of tags as gifts – metal spoons stamped with the names of herbs I always grow, like mint and basil, and another set that lets you write plant names on yourself. Both are decorative ways to know what’s where – even when it’s gone dormant in winter.

You can make plant tags yourself out of anything from popsicle sticks to small sheets of copper. Or buy a set with the names of the plants you want to identify in your garden — or as a gift for someone you know – say, for Mother’s Day.

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