By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia International Airport has been named one of the worst airports in America in a new survey of travelers.

Travel and Leisure Magazine Executive Editor Rich Beattie admits that the online survey is far from scientific, but he says it gives a good snapshot of travelers perceptions of the nation’s 22 major airports.

“Philadelphia did not fare so well,” said Beattie. “It came in number three on the worst airports list.”

Behind Los Angeles and LaGuardia in New York.

Beattie said Philadelphia International got high marks for it’s plentiful kid zones, spas, location and transportation, but those things were offset by some glaring weaknesses.

“Baggage handling,” Beattie pointed out. “There could be more coffee shops. There were a lot of flight delays, it wasn’t as clean as it could be, and baggage check-in was a problem.”

Travel and Leisure also ranks the best airports. They are Minneapolis-St. Paul, Charlotte and Detroit Metropolitan.