By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Alleged Mayfair tire slasher David Toledo remained in custody on Thursday — in lieu of $270,000 bail — after a judge rejected a defense motion for lower bail.

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Toledo is charged with slashing the tires of dozens of neighbors’ cars and the tires on his own car on numerous occasions. But Defense Attorney William J. Brennan argued the guidelines and reason called for lower bail.

(Defense Attorney William J. Brennan) (credit: KYW’s Tony Hanson)

“In this case, the guideline is zero dollars,” Brennan said. “It’s released on special conditions. Prior to my representation, a bail judge set $5,000 per transcript, which is roughly $260 or $270.

But Prosecutor Tracie Gaydos argued against a reduction, telling the judge that Toledo caused neighbors to live in fear — every morning checking their tires to see if they could drive their cars to work, pick up children, go about their daily lives — while holding himself out as a protector.

“He was a member of the block watch,” said Gaydos. “He had reported being victimized on multiple occasions, and in actuality, as the police investigation revealed, he was the one that is the defendant.”

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(Prosecutor Tracie Gaydos) (credit: KYW’s Tony Hanson)



Toledo was not in court, but his wife, mother and other family members were present. The defense said there have been threats against Toledo since his arrest which caused his wife to temporarily move from their house, but the defense had reported no incidents.

The defense was planning to appeal the judge’s decision.

Trial was scheduled for July.

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