By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – The state House could take a final vote as soon as today on a bill that would open up the former Foxwoods casino license to statewide competition. Debate on the measure began yesterday.

The House Monday debated and voted on amendments to the bill. Philadelphia Democrat Rosita Youngblood proposed an amendment that would still give preference to bidders seeking to keep the revoked license in Philadelphia, allowing for statewide competition only if that licensee were to fail.

“This amendment would simply give the city of Philadelphia a final opportunity.”

But fellow Philadelphia Democrat Michael O’Brien disagreed, saying, “The wise and prudent thing is to move on.”

The amendment failed and the House is now in position to take a final vote on the bill that would create statewide competition for the revoked Foxwoods license.

If it passes, the bill would go to the Senate, where the majority leader favors simply deleting the license, saying the market is saturated.