By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As state lawmakers wrangle over a bill that would open up the former Foxwoods casino license to statewide competition (see related story), Mayor Nutter says he’s working to keep the license in Philadelphia.

With a cash-starved government and 10 percent unemployment in the city, the mayor is clinging to hope that the state legislature doesn’t yank away what was to have been a second casino license in the city.

“This marketplace can certainly host two licenses.  We want the economy vitality and the jobs that come as a result of casino development, so we will take all steps that are possible and available to hold onto this license here in Philadelphia,” the mayor said today.

Nutter is worried not only about losing the jobs that a casino would bring, but also the 12 million dollars annually to the city, and five million to the school district, through the casino host fee.