By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The parents of six-year-old Khalil Wimes have been held for trial on first degree murder in the death of their son last month.

khalil wimes Parents Held For Trial In Sons Death

Khalil Wimes (credit: Facebook)

Khalil weighed just 29 pounds when he died.

It took Assistant District Attorney Carolyn Naylor almost an hour to cross-examine Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Aaron Rosen on the extent of scars and injuries on Khalil’s body.

“The judge affirmed what we already believed that this clearly a murder case,” Assistant District Attorney Ed McCann says. “And not just a murder case, but a first degree murder case.”

Derrick Coker is the attorney for Floyd Wimes, otherwise known as Latiff Hadi, and is disappointed but, he doubts a jury will convict.

“There’s no evidence that I believe that my client did anything to intentionally or recklessly or negligently bring about the death of his son.”

LaReine Nixon’s daughter raised Khalil for the first three years of his life before he was returned to his parents.

“We believe that this happened to him because he wanted his mommy.”

J. Michael Farrell, attorney for Tina Cuffie, also known as Tina Wimes believes this is a case reflecting societal issues but is not first degree murder specific.

Tina and Floyd Wimes will be arraigned May 16th.

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