By Pat Loeb

CHELTENHAM, Pa. (CBS) – Cheltenham School District officials have deferred a decision on moving their offices, after public dismay that they were going to move outside the district.

The School Board said it was trying to save money. The current administrative offices need $10-million worth of repairs, so the plan is to incorporate new offices into Cedarbrook Middle School, when it gets renovated, and in the meantime move into rental space.

School officials say they looked and looked in Cheltenham and just couldn’t find anything affordable, so they recommended moving the offices to the Pavilion in nearby Jenkintown.

Resident Martin Beilin’s reaction was typical: “I think they have to suck it up and make the best they can out of what they have because to move outside the township would send a terrible message.”

So, stay and spend more? Or save and tell residents even they think the costs of staying there outweigh the benefits?

The original decision to leave is under review, according to Superintendent Darlene Davis. “We are going to do whatever is best for the district so we can continue to provide the educational programs we provide to our students.”

So it’s back to the drawing board, according to Davis, “We still are researching exactly where and if we can relocate.”