By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)- The 2nd annual Philadelphia Science Festival kicked off Saturday with a carnival on the Parkway.


Science is in everything we do, and Director Gerri Trooskin says the point of this festival is to show just how much fun science can be.

“Astronomy to biology, it’s a big mix. And we’re doing a lot of chemistry, looking at polymers and we’re creating gummy worms.”

She says there are more than 120 exhibitors set up. Ashley, from Drexel’s Association for Women in Science, demonstrates what non-Newtonian fluids do.

“You can make it from a liquid form into a solid form. So you can ball it up into a ball like silly putty but then as soon as you let it go, it’s going to flow though your fingers like a liquid.”

She is handing out packets of the water and cornstarch mixture so kids can play at home.

The guys from Drexel’s TechServ disected a computer to show people how to put it back together.

“They walk through it and maybe in the future they will actually use that for something important like maybe building their own computer one day.”

There are a number of other events during the festival which runs through April 29th. For more information, visit

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