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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Nancy Law, of SoWe Bar and Kitchen at 22nd and Carpenter Streets in South Philadelphia (top photo), says the name of her restaurant is shorthand for “southwest.”

“Since we’re in the southwest area of center city,” she explains.  “Also, for those people who have been here for a long time, (the area) goes by Graduate Hospital.”

She says she saw a need in that neighborhood to open an American bistro.

“The neighborhood is changing, all the houses and properties are being gutted.  There’s so many new people moving in,” Law tells KYW Newsradio.

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Meanwhile, at the Sofitel Hotel at 17th and Sansom Streets in center city Philadelphia, executive chef Jim Coleman says they’re celebrating Earth Day (April 22nd) by starting to plant herbs and vegetables on the roof.

“With Earth Day, we were trying to come up with something we could use at the same time,” he tells KYW Newsradio.

coleman jim sofitel hadas Whats Cooking on 1060:  Everything New For Spring, Foodwise

(Jim Coleman, executive chef at Sofitel Hotel in center city. Credit: Hadas Kuznits)


But it wasn’t easy.

“The big issue was actually getting water up there,” Coleman says.  “And we also wanted to be able to measure the water, so if it does rain, the whole idea is, let’s stop any runoff water.”

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Gerri Trooskin, with the Philadelphia Science Festival, is also thinking about Earth Day.

“We have events for the whole family,” she says.  “We have an event called ‘Grow it, Cook it, Eat it,’ which is taking place on Earth Day.”

trooskin gerri phila sci fest  hadas Whats Cooking on 1060:  Everything New For Spring, Foodwise

(Gerri Trooskin of the Philadelphia Science Festival. Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Trooskin says there will be a wide variety of food events during the festival, which kicks off this week.

“One of the key pieces of the festival is about showcasing the science in all of the things that we love.”

Including food and drink.

“We’re talking a lot about the science of beer and the science of wine.”

Hear Hadas Kuznits’ full interview with Gerri Trooskin in this CBS Philly podcast…

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