By Dom Giordano

4/20/12 – by Dom Giordano –

G. Terry Madonna, the pollster of record for the last twenty years in Pennsylvania, has just declared that Pa. is in play for Romney in the general election. He feels the economy has changed the landscape since 2008 and that Romney is neck and neck with President Obama.

I have been saying for years that I’m not living in a blue state and now we have the best opportunity since President Bush Senior won to prove this gut feeling correct, If Romney wins Pa. and its twenty electoral votes it is a mortal lock that he’ll win the presidency. Think about your vote and the satisfaction of coming out of the blue state column and deciding the election of elections.

However, there is a huge hurdle to overcome. There will be a constant barrage of media and Obama operatives depressing the energy and enthusiasm of Republican voters by reminding us of the last five elections in which Democrats have won the state. Don’t let this stop you from rallying as many as you can to win.

I’m told that there will soon be new leadership in the Republican Party in Philadelphia and the new folks will press hard to make sure all election laws are followed in Philadelphia and new City Commissioner Al Schmidt will be in position to help with this process. If President Obama wins Philadelphia by fewer than 300,000 votes , Pa. can go Romney.

The second key to Pa. is Ann Romney in the suburbs surrounding Phila. She should essentially reside here and bring home Republican women on the big issues of the economy, gas prices, and Obamacare. Of course, Mitt Romney has to campaign in each suburban county at least three times between now and November and surrogates like Governor Christie has to make these areas his second home.

So as we move toward the meat of the 2012 campaign don’t listen to the media drumbeat saying you live in a blue state. Look at the numbers and realize the election of 2012 can be decided in Radnor, Media, West Chester, Plymouth Meeting, Levittown, Ambler and your suburban enclave.

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