By Oren Liebermann

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– A wave of cheers greeted firefighter Patrick Nally as the doors of the ambulance opened outside of his parent’s home. His family and fellow firefighters gathered to welcome him home after a week spent in the hospital.

“Makes me feel great,” said Nally, after he was resting in his parent’s living room. “Makes me realize what a huge family I really have.”

Nally was one of five firefighters inside the Kensington furniture store that collapsed last Monday. Two firefighters died that day. Nally had to be rescued from the rubble. One of his first stops after getting out of the hospital Tuesday afternoon was the memorial for his fellow firefighters at Ladder 10.

“I miss my brothers,” Nally said. “I was happy to go down and see what a great job everybody did with all the flowers and stuff. That made me feel happy.”

The Ladder 16 firefighter has enough strength to hold his nephews and enough spirit to smile, even though he knows he faces months of recovery. Already, he is focused on getting back to work.

“Long road, but I look forward to getting back,” said Nally, who suffered a broken leg, spinal injuries, and more.

His parents however are more concerned with his recovery.

“It’s great,” said his father, James Nally. “It’s just wonderful that he’s home this soon after the tragic accident. We’re here praying for the other familes that lost their members. It’s great to have him home.”