By Lesley Van Arsdall

Desperate teams can be the most dangerous teams and make some pretty bad mistakes. Which is exactly what happened to Pittsburgh yesterday.

The worst from Game 3, Arron Asham crosschecks Brayden Schenn, then sucker punches him while he’s down on the ice.

Then there was the Neal hit on Sean Coutourier (who didn’t even have the puck) followed by a cheap shot on Claude Giroux. The NHL handed our some penalties Monday evening. Pittsburgh coach Bylsma was fined $10,000 and forward Craig Adams was will be suspended for Game 4.

Hockey is of course a physical game but this went far beyond the way the game should be played.

And, I may be biased, but it sure looked like the Penguins were targeting certain players. Was that the plan, to throw them off their game? If so, it didn’t work. It just came across as desperate.

That being said, I can’t wait till game four! Do you think the Flyers will close out the series on Wednesday?